Ace or Ace-Chan (as we have nicknamed him) is a Miniature Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle, with one Blue & one Brownish/Grey Eye!
He was born on January 20th 2010 in Alliston, Ontario (Just about 1.5 hours North of Toronto).
He arrived at his Forever home to his new human mommy & daddy on March 10th, 2010!
Ace now lives with his mommy (me) in New York! Follow us as we start fresh and have adventures in New York!

Be our FUR-riend!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun in the SUN =)

So I know I have been slacking on doing regular posts! I always want to update everyday or at least every other day because I feel the need to share with everyone how cute Ace is, but I have been busy busy! I am trying to get back into a fitness regiment at the gym Daddy & I just joined!
I must say, I think I may be a little TOO ambitious haha
I feel like a noodle right now ha!

But anyway,
BACK to Ace Boy!
Tuesday is the start of his NEW puppy classes!! We will be with the same trainer, but we just had to resched due to our sudden move!!!
With all the backyard play time every day, we don't take as many walks anymore. I am going to need to practice on the leash with Ace!!! He sure objects to walking at my side...the little demon <3
*Hey ma, look at this stick I found!! Can I bring it inside??*
*This is my good side...haha*
*Don't get nervous ma, but look at me! I climbed a tree!!*
*There was another one of these giant flower pots, but Ace likes to crawl in and roll in the flowers....Daddy's parents were wondering why their flowers were dead when they came back from vacation!..Wasn't me....*
*You just try and take my pinecone...*
*This is Daddy holding Ace, the flash came out all wrong, but it was so cute I had to share*
*I'm always watching you mommy...*

Ace has been doing really well this week!!
Tons of energy like always, but he is usually WIPED out at the end of the day.
Sometimes, like the picture above, he will sit on his little mat and eat his snack while I watch tv or use the computer! My good little nugget <3

We are having a big family get together tonight, so Ace will be the center of attention like always!

Oh!! And we will baking FurBaby cookies tomorrow!!
Apple Peanut butter Ones!!
I got a giant container of cookie cutter for Christmas from Daddy, so I need to look through and decide which animal shapes I want to use!! It's so hard because they are all so cute!!
Little Squirrels, Whales, birds, dinosaurs! I can't decide haha, not like Ace will take the time to appreciate the choice of cookie cutter I used...
BUT we are going to send some cookies to my Dad & Stepmothers BIG dog Sam in New York!!
He is a Giant Golden Retriever! I think around 70 pounds or more...
(I say GIANT because compared to Ace he is HUGE!!)
I will have to post a picture of him in my next post! It is on my phone <3
Anyway, Sam is about 7-9 years old, I can't remember, but he got pretty chub for a while so he went on a diet, it seems to be working pretty well for him!!
I figured some natural treats will be better for him than the pizza crusts and cat food he is always stealing!! ha!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ace's Update @ 18 weeks!

Okay, well technically Ace is 18 weeks until Wednesday, but I felt like doing the post now =)

Since we got him at 7 weeks on March 10th 2010, it's really amazing how far he has come!
I thought I would never sleep through the night again and there would never be an end to cleaning up paper misses! 
It is truly amazing to watch a puppy grow and develop. I never realized the changes with our family pets growing up. I feel it must be because he is all ours and he depends on us completely.
I noticed a lot lately how many people comment on how well behaved he is! When I think of Ace I think of a mischievous little guy who finds socks in places unknown, stashes pine cones in our house, digs holes, and flattens flowers.
We had friends over on Saturday for a get together and everyone couldn't believe he was only 4 months old! I really started thinking about it and realized how lucky we are that those snatched socks and a messy garden are nothing compared to some fur kid stories I have heard!

-Ace now sleeps until 7 or 7 30 (with an occasional 6 30 am wakeup)
-He goes to the door and barks when he wants to go potty
-He will lay at our feet and chew on a bone when we watch tv (instead of jumping and whining for attention)
- He stands still during bath time!
-His recall is about 98% haha

There are many other things he does as well that demonstrate good behaviour, and to some it may seem very little, but I know when he does these little things, it makes me so proud! In such a short time he has learned so much! It's bittersweet because he is not acting like a naughty puppy as much as he is acting like a little puppy gentleman, and it means he is growing up <3

The most recent thing Ace has been doing (which he started Saturday night after our guests left), I allowed Ace to stay up later than usual (12:30, he usually goes to his crate around 10:30pm, he loves his routine haha) He must have been very sleepy after all the playtime with everyone because after I finished cleaning the kitchen, I noticed Ace wasn't sitting on the rug in the kitchen anymore. My first thought was Oh no what is he getting into now. So I walked downstairs looking for him and when I got to our bedroom, there he was, sitting on the floor at the foot of our bed whining at me! 
Of course, I was immediately like "Oh goodness are you hurt?!?!"
but nope, he whined one more time, rolled on his back, so I rubbed his tummy.
After a few seconds of tummy rubbing, he stood up and walked RIGHT INTO HIS CRATE!!!! All on his own!!!
I couldn't believe it! The little booger waited in our room for someone to rub his tummy before bedtime!
 I hadn't realized at the moment, but before bedtime every night, I always rub his belly to calm him! So once his belly was rubbed, Ace wanted to go to sleep!
I was so proud, and no lie, he has gone into his crate on his own each night since!!!

My little Genius <3

haha Sorry about a huge post bragging about Ace, but I am sure you other fur kid parents who went through puppy training and development understand my excitement & enthusiasm about things as little as being able to sleep in a bit longer!!! haha

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back from NYC with Tons of Mini Aussie Fun!!

Hey all of our blogger friends!
I did get back from my trip to NYC on Sunday but have been Uber lame about posting!! 

After a wonderful trip to see my family (wishing I could have brought Ace along), daddy picked me up from the airport and I went into the back yard to wait for Ace. Daddy opened the door to let Ace out for his potty break and I thought he was going to have a heart attack! It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and it is always nice to know you were missed! He made all sorts of squeaky/crying noises and rolled all over the place wanting me to rub him haha. Needless to say, he was glued to my side the rest of Sunday to make sure I didn't disappear again! ha!
I must say, even after just ONE week, he grew! I was so surprised! 
We think he weighs around 16 pounds now =)
While I was gone, he lost his FIRST tooth!!....well we thought he did, until we did a thorough inspection and realized it actually broke....we think the endless hours of chewing on his cow kneecap bone did it!
It doesn't seem to bother him, so we will show it to the vet when we go back in a couple of days for his follow up shots. Because it was one of his baby Canine teeth, he now looks like a little hillbilly when he opens his mouth...ahhh

I have been wanting one of those little baby plastic pools for a while now, but the weather is just now getting perfect for it! It was a warm 81 degrees and sunny today so Daddy and I went over to Toys R Us to pick up a little pool!
Ace was totally shocked at first and like anything new, barked and growled at it, but then I think he started to enjoy it! We kept having to put him in, but he would stand there and then jump out and run like a maniac around the yard! I think his favourite part was that all the dirt he rolled in stuck to him...haha

Here are some wonderful...and VERY dirty shots of our *dirty merle* Mini Aussie Ace!
-Here is the new pool after a couple of uses haha-

-A Very dirty & wet Mini Aussie Ace with a giant stick he found-

-The flower bed he decided to dig up and make into a *nest*-

-YUMMY morsels!-

-His new hang out spot under a little tree in the backyard, He likes to eat the flowers off of it haha-

-"Ma, seriously, you need to try this is SOOOOOOOO good!"-

-Unable to decide which stick he wants while playing with his Uncle (Daddy's younger brother, who is back from law school for the summer)-

-Ace's new favourite spot on a giant rock in the back yard! He got a nice bath after this haha!-

We wonder how Ace will be this weekend, It is a Holiday here in Canada and there are a lot of fireworks all over the place (including our house)! We hope Ace will love them too!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mini Aussie Vet Visit =)

So I am happy to say our vet visit on Thursday went wonderfully!
At 15 weeks, Ace weighs 14.9 pounds =)
I guessed 14 because when I give him goodnight hugs and kisses (yea I know, there's no wonder I get walked all over) I felt like my arms were getting tired...(no I am not a weakling, I just have a very intense yoga instructor) haha
So since we moved, our original vet was way out of the way, so we decided on a new one. I read reviews, and we picked the Bloor Animal Hospital. It's not too far, so Ace was happy. (He is still unsure about the car).
The vet was super nice and of course everyone loved him (other patients and parents included).
He was supposed to be in there for his 3rd series of vaccines (which include the basics which protect from parvo and a bunch of other things, yea I have a terrible memory)
I might have it wrong, but I know he got his parvo vaccine, but It includes a couple of other things, and they need to be given in a series of every 4 weeks 3 times lol
Before we got Ace I grew up with family dogs and cats, but never realized that they need all sorts of vaccines too!! I feel like I am taking a toddler to the doctor...except Ace is way braver than his daddy and I and we both sweat when he gets the needles. Ace doesn't even flinch!

Well anyway, back to the story...he was supposed to be in there for the 3rd set of his series and his rabies shot, but we ended up also getting him the shot that protects against the weird disease racoons carry & is in their feces (there are racoons EVERYWHERE here) so better be safe than sorry.
AND he also got the kennel cough nasal spray immunization.
Needless to say, I could tell he was angry with us for letting them do the nasal spray...
I think that even surpassed the thermometer up the bum! His face was priceless...poor little guy...

BUT despite a few shots and some nifty flea & tick repellent to start June 1st, our little guy is in superb shape! He really is growing fast! His legs are getting longer, and his body leaner...He still is my little fluff ball, but he isn't so much a baby anymore...
Here is Ace and his daddy. He started off a mama's boy, but he sure does look up to his daddy.

We also had to get Ace a new leash on Thursday after he totally...stealthily I might add....chewed though his leash! *sigh* We figured that one wouldn't last long, but we got a really nice one, only 22$ and it is reinforced, but it is SO soft...very flexible and comfy for both Ace and us! He seems to really like it, he hasn't tried chewing it at all!

Speaking of chewing though, I must add, I have been wondering lately if other mini aussies did this as puppies, and if they still do or stopped.
Eating Treasures in the yard!!
When I say treasures I mean.....leaves, flowers, small twigs/sticks, anything they can get their mouths on!!
I literally have to remove something from Ace's mouth 3 times at least! Daily...
He eats so many leaves!! I don't get it....
The vet said he might grow out of it or he could be one of those dogs who forever eats well...everything lol

I will miss my little guy this week along with my big guy! I am going away for a week to visit my family in NY. I thought about bringing Ace with me, but daddy got some time off from work (he can't go to my family's house because they have a cat, and he is deathly allergic) and we decided that it would be great for Ace to stay with him rather than go to our lovely breeders for the week to board!
I am sure they are going to have a great time! I of course being the overbearing puppy mommy will be sure to call numerous times a day! haha
I will make sure daddy takes some good pics! Hopefully he doesn't get too big in a week! Ah!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Ridiculously Hectic Mini Aussie Week! =)

I haven't posted in about a week or more!
It all started when I started having a really hard time breathing when I was in our apartment, I wasn't sure what it was until I literally wheezing and needed an emergency inhaler!
Turns out our apartment had a huge mold problem, and I have a huge allergy to mold!
We literally packed up our apartment last Thursday and moved to Ace's daddies parents house who live 30 minutes away from our apartment!
While we search for a new home, Ace sure as heck doesn't seem to mind being here.
He has tons of space, a huge backyard, and he even has a stair case to play on! haha
Now that I have recovered from the mold, I really have noticed a huge difference in Ace's behaviour. We have been wondering if the mold was affecting Ace too!!
Since moving in with Ace's grandparents, he has been SO much happier, sweeter, and has been listening like an Angel (I don't want to jinx it now)
*On the bridge in the big park by Daddy's parents house*
*Ahh!! Geese & Ducks!*
*After romping in the river*
*Hey Ma...can I bring this big stick home?*
*Looking for treasures in the leaves!*

Not only has Ace been SO much happier, but he also has become 100% potty trained! (again...don't want to jinx it)
In the apartment..(ridden with mold..) we had originally paper trained Ace because it was difficult to get the little guy out in time (not to mention, there was no way I was wandering onto a city street in the middle of the night)
so back to the point....
So since we got to our new temporary home, the yard is fenced in and Ace literally just started going up to the sliding door and then looking back at us! He will even trot over to one of us then back to the door if we don't notice him!
I am so proud of him =) 
Now if we could only stop the digging he has started yesterday...he made himself a wonderful mud hole in Ace's grandpa's flower bed....
*I think he has had about 5 baths since we moved here...haha no no..I'm joking, only 1*
Because we moved, we had to change his puppy classes because I don't have a car, and really don't think it's great to make a 1.5 hour treck via bus, subway, streetcar to go to a puppy class!
I called the wonderful puppy trainer and turns out she has another location closer to us! She is going to let us actually start over beginning June 2nd or 3rd I think! She just loves Ace and I know she doesn't want to miss out on his training!! =)
Today Ace is 15 weeks and tomorrow he goes for his Rabies and checkup! 
We will get to see how much he weighs!! 
I did a strenuous yoga class today and I am sooo sore and was seriously strained trying to lift him haha!! (okay, not SERIOUSLY strained...just a bit)