Ace or Ace-Chan (as we have nicknamed him) is a Miniature Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle, with one Blue & one Brownish/Grey Eye!
He was born on January 20th 2010 in Alliston, Ontario (Just about 1.5 hours North of Toronto).
He arrived at his Forever home to his new human mommy & daddy on March 10th, 2010!
Ace now lives with his mommy (me) in New York! Follow us as we start fresh and have adventures in New York!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun in the SUN =)

So I know I have been slacking on doing regular posts! I always want to update everyday or at least every other day because I feel the need to share with everyone how cute Ace is, but I have been busy busy! I am trying to get back into a fitness regiment at the gym Daddy & I just joined!
I must say, I think I may be a little TOO ambitious haha
I feel like a noodle right now ha!

But anyway,
BACK to Ace Boy!
Tuesday is the start of his NEW puppy classes!! We will be with the same trainer, but we just had to resched due to our sudden move!!!
With all the backyard play time every day, we don't take as many walks anymore. I am going to need to practice on the leash with Ace!!! He sure objects to walking at my side...the little demon <3
*Hey ma, look at this stick I found!! Can I bring it inside??*
*This is my good side...haha*
*Don't get nervous ma, but look at me! I climbed a tree!!*
*There was another one of these giant flower pots, but Ace likes to crawl in and roll in the flowers....Daddy's parents were wondering why their flowers were dead when they came back from vacation!..Wasn't me....*
*You just try and take my pinecone...*
*This is Daddy holding Ace, the flash came out all wrong, but it was so cute I had to share*
*I'm always watching you mommy...*

Ace has been doing really well this week!!
Tons of energy like always, but he is usually WIPED out at the end of the day.
Sometimes, like the picture above, he will sit on his little mat and eat his snack while I watch tv or use the computer! My good little nugget <3

We are having a big family get together tonight, so Ace will be the center of attention like always!

Oh!! And we will baking FurBaby cookies tomorrow!!
Apple Peanut butter Ones!!
I got a giant container of cookie cutter for Christmas from Daddy, so I need to look through and decide which animal shapes I want to use!! It's so hard because they are all so cute!!
Little Squirrels, Whales, birds, dinosaurs! I can't decide haha, not like Ace will take the time to appreciate the choice of cookie cutter I used...
BUT we are going to send some cookies to my Dad & Stepmothers BIG dog Sam in New York!!
He is a Giant Golden Retriever! I think around 70 pounds or more...
(I say GIANT because compared to Ace he is HUGE!!)
I will have to post a picture of him in my next post! It is on my phone <3
Anyway, Sam is about 7-9 years old, I can't remember, but he got pretty chub for a while so he went on a diet, it seems to be working pretty well for him!!
I figured some natural treats will be better for him than the pizza crusts and cat food he is always stealing!! ha!


  1. Hey Ace
    Nice to meet you. YOuu certainly are a cutie. and sounds like you have lots of fun!! I like to have fun too. My mom gets home in 3 days so I will have LOTS of fun then. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope to become friends with you.


  2. Ace, you have some really cute photos going on there! And goodness, you are getting big!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a cutie, love the new pictures of him. He is full of smiles!

  4. Ace is so cute there. Beautiful pictures of Ace. I love those smiles, precious!

  5. What a handsome boy! I'm glad that he's enjoying the backyard playtime.


  6. Oh Ace - you sure are a beauty! Now my mommy wants to get me a friend just like you!
    Berner bumps from your friend Scout!