Ace or Ace-Chan (as we have nicknamed him) is a Miniature Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle, with one Blue & one Brownish/Grey Eye!
He was born on January 20th 2010 in Alliston, Ontario (Just about 1.5 hours North of Toronto).
He arrived at his Forever home to his new human mommy & daddy on March 10th, 2010!
Ace now lives with his mommy (me) in New York! Follow us as we start fresh and have adventures in New York!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

WoofStock Dog Festival 2010 !

So this past weekend was Woofstock! The Largest Dog Festival in North America & it takes place right here in Toronto!!
We thought we might not be able to go when the weather turned sour and started raining Friday night. it was meant to be the rain stopped for Saturday and we decided to head into the city!
It stayed pretty grey out and I think that might have deterred some people, but even with the weather it was PACKED! I really love to see how many people are SO enthusiastic about their pets!
*Here is Ace at the festival, I am not sure I have ever seen him so happy*
*We met SO many other Aussie parents! Here are two Standards, but we met many other Mini's as well!! We had a lot of photographers stop us and ask to take photos of him for the event, our little guy is quite handsome!!*
*I registered for free for the VIP area a few weeks ago and we got in! I was so excited because it was limited and it was so cool! They were private air conditioned tents with couches, water, and swanky gift bags with free samples!....OH and this sweeeeet Bandana that says " I <3 Woofstock" Ace Loved it!* 
Here he is on the red carpet outside the VIP tent!
*Ace got SO many pets & pats! He was such a bit hit with humans & dogs alike!*
*Howling in the wind! Sporting his awesome bandana!*
*a 5 month old collie girl! She REALLY wanted Ace to play with her, he wasn't as interested... :(*
*Ace's First Agility Experience!! We have been wanting to head over to Pawsway, but just haven't had the chance! They had a booth and agility course set up! He did SO well! He was mighty proud of himself afterwards as well...*
*Grand Finale!*
*Here is a pic of some of the crowds at the Woofstock Festival!*

Besides a lot of free treat samples, shampoo samples, and all sorts of other knick knacks, we got Ace a super cool new leash! It was very unique and we just had to have it haha*

He was SO sleepy after our afternoon at Woofstock, he slept in the car! SO CUTE!*

I wonder if there are doggie festivals in other areas around North America...if there are any in your area I recommend you check them out! It was so much fun! It is SO popular here in Toronto they are having a *Winter Woofstock* in November! We will most certainly be going back!


  1. WOW, that is so cool. Ace is a Red Carpet pup for sure. We need to start one of those festivals up here! Great photo's, Thanks!

  2. We go to some big greyhound events when we can, but we have to travel quite a distance to get to cool events like Woofstock! You're lucky you got to go, Ace!


  3. Ace looks so happy there. What a good experience and exposure for Ace.

  4. This looks like so much fun! :) Wish we had something like that near us! :) Ace is adorable btw (but ya already knew that!)

  5. What a fun outing for Ace and family! I wish we had something like that here - I love freebies!! That new bandana is a great color on Ace!! That's hilarious that Ace got to walk a red carpet - he's definitely a star in many ways!!

  6. Looks like so much fun! I bet Ace was the cutest dog there!!

  7. Doggie events are always lots of fun!


  8. woofstock + tie dyed background = LOVE it! so cute. looks like you and ace had a great time as VIPs!

  9. Wow, that looks like a fun day Ace! Well done on your first agility jump.
    We think you are so adorable and what a beautiful colour you are with such amazing eyes.
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx