Ace or Ace-Chan (as we have nicknamed him) is a Miniature Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle, with one Blue & one Brownish/Grey Eye!
He was born on January 20th 2010 in Alliston, Ontario (Just about 1.5 hours North of Toronto).
He arrived at his Forever home to his new human mommy & daddy on March 10th, 2010!
Ace now lives with his mommy (me) in New York! Follow us as we start fresh and have adventures in New York!

Be our FUR-riend!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Mini Aussie Weekend =)

Despite a crazy training session on Friday, we had a wonderful weekend!
The weather was beautiful, a little cloudy, but not too cold!
We spent Saturday taking walks down by Lake Ontario, running in the sand and climbing on rocks!

Practicing *Heel* on the boardwalk!
*Making Friends!*
*Exploring the Sand*
*Running with Daddy along the beach*
*Climbing the rocks with daddy!*
*Ace's Regal Pose*
*Looking for Fish in the pond...nope..none...*
*With the Giant Cow Hip, or kneecap (which freaks me out, but daddy and Ace think it is awesome) that Daddy bought him after our big day out!*
*Ace-Chan totally wiped out relaxing with mommy watching a movie!*

After Saturday's adventures, Ace actually let me sleep until 7 am on Sunday despite his usual 6:30 am wake up time! Maybe he needs more adventure...haha

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First day of Puppy Obedience Class!

So usually I always attach photos to my posts, and I brought along the camera to puppy class, but I didn't even get a chance to use it..
.Let me tell you why...
Ace had been a good boy all day romping in the park with other dogs about an hour before we went to class. We came home, He took a nap & we waited to daddy to get home from work.
When Ace's daddy got home, we left and made it to class just a few minutes late!
Ace was SO excited to see all the other dogs, and luckily they were all still socializing, so we didn't interrupt anything. 
There were 5 of us in the class I believe! Ace-Chan was really good at first playing with the other pups =)
Just as class was getting started, Ace's daddy had to step out for a couple of minutes to take care of the class payment. Literally as soon as he left, Ace flipped out! 
No one could hear Dorothy (our wonderful puppy teacher) speaking because he wouldn't stop barking! He wasn't just barking because his daddy left, but he started barking at all the other dogs too!!
When I tried to correct him, he would snap and growl at me! Everyone was looking at me with a bewildered expression because how could a pup so cute turn so mean!!??!!
Needless to say, Dorothy walked right over and solved the problem! Her first lesson was based on Ace's behaviour and it had to do with dominance! She corrected his barking by making a sharp noise *Ah Ah* and doing a light jab in his side! (This is supposed to mimick a mother's correctional bite). She also made him lay down at her feet.
It worked!
I couldn't believe it!!
(Ace wasn't the only one though, during the course of the class, a few of the other dogs had barking/growling fits)
She handed me back the leash and he waited patiently at my feet (VERY quiet) might I add!
Ace's daddy walked back in and of course Ace was extremely pleased.
We have noticed he prefers to have both of us together all the time (but obviously this is impossible due to work)
We also know now that Ace has a lot more *respect* for his daddy than he does for me. Dorothy explained to us that Ace views our pack as 1)Daddy, 2) Ace, 3) Me....
I most certainly agree with this....It is mostly because I coddle him too much. I suppose I didn't realize how strong the pack instinct is with dogs. 
It has come to the point where Ace is pulling me while we take walks, he snaps at me when I try to take his collar/leash off/on, and he will sit and bark in my face.

I have cuts all over my hands from his razor teeth! =(
Ace's daddy doesn't have ANY of these problems!
So this week, we are working on the dominance (pack leader) problem, and *heel*. haha
Once we got Ace's behaviour under control, we worked on heel! 
We went first, and he did really well! There was a chihuahaha in the class that kept snarling at the other dogs and Ace wanted to play with him, so he kept getting distracted!

I cannot remember her name now, but there was another woman helping out with the class, and she told me she has a standard aussie! She said that even though he is well trained, he is constantly *testing* her! She laughed and said that her dog was very similar to Ace when they started out classes! Sure does make me feel a lot better! 
Ace improved so much within 1 hour of puppy class, I can't wait to see what else is to come after 6 classes!

The funniest part is that Ace made himself a girlfriend! A Beautiful Sheltie name Bridgette! She is just 3 months old!! 
*Too bad our blogger buddy Eva doesn't live close!, Ace has a thing for Shelties!* 
Hopefully with time & plenty of practice Ace will catch on!! I know he will, we laugh and say he is too smart for his own good!! He sure does like to test us all the time! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mini Aussie Tricks & Behaviours! =P

Well puppy classes start tomorrow (Friday) as I mentioned in a few previous posts. It's scary to think how quickly the time passes. Ace was just over 5 pounds & 7 weeks old when we brought him home and he is now 12 pounds & 13 weeks! Carrying him to his crate is going to become a problem pretty soon I can already see it haha ;)
So being as puppy Obedience classes start tomorrow, I have decided to put together a list of things I really want to work on with Ace.
(Also, things I can discuss with the trainer, or even my blogging buddies for advice!)

*Ace can already Sit, Lay Down, Roll Over, Speak, & he sometimes will Shake*

1) Barking- Ace's voice has become his favourite thing to listen to haha, he barks when he wants out of his crate to go potty/or just to come out, when he wants attention, when he sees me get his food out, and at other dogs when they don't play with him (or during play). 
I have tried a few different things to help correct it, but so far none are really working (don't worry I don't give up that easily!)
-Quietly (in an low tone) saying *Quiet* when he barks, then praising him when he's quiet.
-Taking two fingers and lightly tapping him on the nose and saying *Quiet*(and of course praising him)
-A soda can with pennies, and shaking it when he barks
-Ignoring him when he barks
2)Drop it-Ace is really getting into eating EVERYTHING, he takes nibbles off of boxes, bags, leaves, sticks, etc. I need him to DROP it, especially if it could cause choking! I have already had to save him from choking 2 times!! Needless to say I was sweating/freaking out haha. Last week, he picked up a small tin ant trap at daddy's parent's house and I had to pry his mouth open to drop it! Luckily it was still in tact and there was no sign of him getting any poison in his mouth.
3)Biting- You know this has to stop when every time you wash your hands your skin burns like it's on fire because of 50 puppy teeth marks! His bites hurt! 
4)Stay- This is something that would really help for just...everyday! While I am cooking, cleaning, or even while the front door is open it would be very convenient (and SAFE) to have him be able to Stay put until I release him from the command. He is so antsy, being a puppy, it's understandable. That one might take some time haha

Here is Ace up to his latest antics...
I found this Ikea trash can laying around, I don't know where it came from & I don't think it was ever used for looks brand new, but I cleaned it out anyway and decided to use it for Ace's toys!
Yea...every time I put the toys in...Ace comes right behind me and takes them right out!
He decided "why bother with all the toys, when I can just play with the bin"

"How am I supposed to carry this thing?!? Maybe I will ride on top!"

"Maybe if I bark at it I can herd it!"

Taking it back his little bed to snuggle with it LOL
He then went on to munch on the edges and look at me as if to offer a bite. I of course declined haha

So excited for tomorrow! I hope they don't mind me snapping some pictures at the class!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doggie Ice-Cream Cones!

Here is 3 Month Old Ace!
It was SO nice out Monday (yesterday), so I took Ace to *Big Dog Bakery* & Bought him a doggy *Ice-cream Cone* Cookie!!
We found a great spot in the big open park & sat in the sun while Ace munched his treat!!
Because Ace had no tail, it isn't always obvious when he is happy =)

We have realized a few different ways to tell when Ace-Chan is happy/excited!
1) He does the Butt Wiggle
2)He tucks his ears back or down low
(I know that sometimes dogs do this when they are scared, but this is his happy pose!)

I love the fact he has crumbs all over his lips! Once he was done he gave me a big cooke crumb kiss!!

We were VERY excited to hear that the bakery is going to be doing *Doggie* Frozen Yogurt in Waffle Cones for the summer!! Everything Fuzzy kid Friendly!! I never thought of such a thing! I am already excited for Ace to have one!!

Ace LOVES going to the bakery (it's only a once in a while treat), but it is okay, he runs it off!

(Ace Chasing his daddy! He is almost as fast! Another few weeks and he will catch up!!)

Now that I have started the routine of giving Ace carrots and/or apples in the afternoon (lunch time) he has come to expect it! It's sooo funny when I see him sitting in the kitchen staring up at the fridge waiting for his never fails...he is a creature of habit! haha

Puppy Classes this Friday!! Only 3 days away! Ah! Our little boy is growing up so fast!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ace's Play date & Off Leash Play!

Ace made a new *friend* on Friday evening! The Daschund *Max* =) He is 5 years old and soo cute!
Max is really calm and really didn't have much interest in Ace, but Ace sure did want to jump on and play with him! When Max didn't want to play back, Ace barked at Max for about 10 min while we walked haha!
Max totally ignored him! =0
Once Ace settled down and quite barking, Max warmed up and wanted to play!

Max is a pretty dominant guy, where as Ace likes to just roll over for other dogs!
There was a bit of crazyness at first when Max kept trying to dominate Ace =0
On Saturday, we went out to Daddy's parents house for a visit! They have a huge backyard that is all fenced in for Ace to play! This was his second time there in the yard and he knew right when we pulled up that he was in for some serious play time! He was SO excited!
It was a little chilly, but all the flowers are blooming, so of course I needed to take some pics!
 *Waiting to go Outside!*
*So much Space!!*
*Inspecting the area!*
*Posing for Mommy amongst the flowers! Such a good Picture Taker!*
*Looking Handsome like Usual!*
*Such a beauty!*..or should I say *Handsome* =)
*Found a delicious leaf, yet...he seems to think every leaf is delicious....*
*Best pic of all! Ace chasing Daddy through the yard! Ace LOVES to jump on the rocks!..So does Daddy! haha* I wish my camera was better at getting Action shots!

We were really trying to work on frisbee with Ace! He has a small blue soft rubber one that is easy for him to pick up!! He chases it and brings it back...he doesn't always like to drop it though haha!
We got him able to catch it while it is rolling, but he isn't able to catch it in the air...SOON! He is such a quick learner and you can tell...he wants it! haha
Ace was SO exhausted after yesterdays back yard play he fell asleep right when we got home!
Another Beautiful day and we are heading out to the big yard again! and maybe the Doggie Bakery for a treat!! =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nom Nom Nom!

So we didn't make it out to the agility play @ pawsway yesterday =(
Right as I was packing up Ace's essentials, we got a text from daddy that said he got invited to play in a big work poker game right after work (the time of the agility course)! 
Ace & I were bummed out at first, but daddy told us that there was nice prize money if you won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place!
Daddy reassured us that his University Poker days would get him through, so Ace & I agreed =)
Instead, Ace & I took a long walk on the boardwalk along Lake Ontario and Ace met all sorts of other pups! 
(I really must remember my camera when we take walks...)
Ace even met a 3 month old Visla (who I cannot remember his name right now) =(
The Visla pup was about 16 pounds his mommy told us, and oh boy was he rambuncious and strong!
I let Ace meet him and we let them play off leash in an enclosed area.
Ace is usually very receptive to playing with other dogs, even those much bigger, but this visla pup was tough! He kept trying to push Ace around and even tried biting his fur! After about 10 minutes Ace was not happy....he ran to me and cried to tell me he wanted to go...Oh, well we tried...
He met a VERY sweet doberman puppy the other day who was 2X his size, and they loved each other, I suppose they can't all be winners =)

After that, Ace I came home and relaxed, I shared my carrot sticks with him while we watched a movie!
I have recently been giving Ace apple in the afternoon & carrot sticks at night! He LOVES them! I also noticed his *business* doesn't smell as much when he eats fruits and vegetables! His teeth also look very nice!
(Mouth full of carrots)
*Notice the giant cow lick on his back, his hair is growing in wild!*
(Nom Nom Nom hehe )

(Here is Ace with his FAVORITE toy, it is an orange rubbery monkey that squeaks at the slightest touch, he sleeps with it every night in his crate, and carries around the house all day!)
Ace's daddy & I have gotten used to hearing monkey squeaks during the night as he rolls around in his crate haha
It is also VERY durable, and NO stuffing, so I find it to be a very safe toy!
Ace picked it out when I took him to the pet boutique down the street! I should have saved the tags to give you all a name, but it comes in different colors, and I think it is one of the cutest toys! You can probably just google, rubbery monkey toy haha
I believe it was only around 15$, which I thought was a lot for a toy he might shred to bits after a few hours, but it has lasted 2 weeks now & no holes! Whew!

After a long day of play and *shnicky shnacks* (that's what we call snacks here at our house haha)
Ace & I retreated to bed with no sign of daddy! 
Right after we fell to sleep, daddy came in all excited with news he won 3rd place at the work poker game! We were all very excited because he beat 27 other people! Very Impressive for someone who hasn't played in a few years haha =)
Ace danced around *even though it was past his bedtime* because he misses daddy like crazy all day!
Thankfully he calmed down pretty quick and settled into dream land!
What a nice day we had & Later today Ace might be meeting my pilates instructor's 5 year old Daschund pup Max! We are trying to set up a play date! Max is a puppy at heart, so hopefully they will get along!
*I will be sure to bring my camera!!*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back at Last!

So I felt like the worst mini aussie mommy ever because I misplaced my camera charger and of course, my camera died....
I missed so many good pics! =(
Thank goodness Ace & I found it yesterday while visiting Ace's *Great* Grandparents (Daddys grandparents)
I wasted no time charging it right up and snapping a few while on our after dinner walk!

So in the almost 2 weeks since our last post..has it been that long? maybe not...
Ace has been on all sorts of adventures!
He went to his first vet visit since he has been home with us!
(He saw a vet numerous times when he was with this puppy family)
He weighed 10 big pounds at 11 weeks!
As of Yesterday, he is 12 weeks old!!!!! AH! I am sure he weighs around 11.5 pounds now...
The vet was very impressed with him and gave him a snack when he didn't even flinch when he got his shot! Ace's Daddy & I were both green & shaky while we watched him get his shots!
(I actually looked away!)

Another big first for Ace-Chan...
Public Transit!
Yesterday, I needed to travel across the city to take care of some family business, so I decided to bring Ace with me! I figured the earlier he is introduced to travel, the better!
So, at around 10:15 am I packed up my purse with water and a few toys, put Ace's new orange collar on him and set off for the street car!
We rode (Ace in my lap) the street car 30 minutes, then connected with the subway for another 35 minutes, and then hopped a bus for 10 minutes!
Needless to say, he was an ANGEL! He sat patiently in my lap and we even enjoyed some snuggly moments when he put his head on my chest and would close his eyes!
(That NEVER happens!)
He is usually WAY too rambuncious!
Ace didn't cry, or whine, he was so well behaved, we had all sorts of people come up to say what a great boy they thought he was!

When we got to our destination, Ace played in the big yard on his *giant* super long leash!
He even accidently crushed a budding tulip! WOOPS!
We will have MANY more pics coming up!

We introduced Ace to the *beach* aka Lake Ontario, and he LOVES to jump on the rocks with his daddy! He even waded in the freezing water up to his knees!
With the beautiful weather this weekend, I will be taking lots of pics!

We are traveling via Street Car again today to Pawsway! We are going to introduce Ace-Chan to agility!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Priceless Mini Aussie Moments =)

After throwing a fit and an attempt to climb out of the tub...
I call it...Mini Aussie Mohawk!
Gotta look sharp ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! :)

Happy Easter Everyone!
We spent the day out at in the Beaches, Toronto attending the Easter Parade!
We stopped by "Big Dog Bakery" and got Ace a delicious Easter Snack...or 2... :)
We then found a nice spot where we wouldn't be hounded (no pun intended) by the hoards of people who want to pet our little baby! haha
Seriously...I feel like a celebrity when we go out! It takes me about 3 times the amount of time as anyone else would to get anywhere because we get stopped constantly by dog lovers!
Don't get me wrong...I love it..and Ace loves it as well (for the attention), but the other day we went out to get smoothies, I ran in and Ace's daddy stayed outside with him. I noticed there was a small crowd outside the smoothie shop and figured maybe there were free samples or something, but NoOoO, they were all crowded around Ace! Someone even had their Iphone out snapping pics of him because of his cool eyes! It was totally HiLaRiOuS =)
I was laughing thinking we could charge for those pics...Just Kidding!! He is so handsome and I feel like he is getting even more stunning all the time! 

Here is Ace on His First Easter in the Beaches, Toronto =)
He is eating an Easter Bunny biscuit "a la" Big Dog Bakery!
Here is the little guy finishing off his last bite, covered in Crumbs! 
I thought this one really shows how lovely his eyes are! =)
And no first Easter would be complete without a ridiculous bow tied on his neck against his will by his loving mommy =P
(This lasted all of 10 seconds...Just enough to dive to grab the camera haha)
 We hope everyone else had a lovely day & Weekend =)
We have some great bath photos to post tomorrow! haha