Ace or Ace-Chan (as we have nicknamed him) is a Miniature Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle, with one Blue & one Brownish/Grey Eye!
He was born on January 20th 2010 in Alliston, Ontario (Just about 1.5 hours North of Toronto).
He arrived at his Forever home to his new human mommy & daddy on March 10th, 2010!
Ace now lives with his mommy (me) in New York! Follow us as we start fresh and have adventures in New York!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can it be?!?!

It Can Be!
Ace is back!
After some reserve about getting back into blogger, I finally broke down and have decided to come back! I have missed..Ace as well...all of our blogging friends! 
What fun is puppy/dog parenthood if you don't have great friends to share your adventures with!

After moving to NYC, there have been a lot of changes which have prevented me from staying in touch with blogger :( Now that I am much more settled I am thrilled to be back in touch!!

Ace was neutered 10 days ago! FINALLY! He is a whopping 36 pounds (Will he ever stop growing?!?! What happened to a MINI australian shepherd?!?!?!)  and NEVER stops running around! We go to the park everyday before I go to work :)
His big brother (my parents dog) Sammy is his bestest friend in the whole world...even though Sammy is more of a retired dog at 8 years old and would probably rather have his toenails yanked out than have Ace jumping on him all day, he takes it like a champ!

I feel like there is so much to catch up on! But for now, enjoy some adorable pics of Ace wearing his short lived, yet ADORABLE "Mama's Boy" Tee that my sister picked out for him!
The billowing chest hair really does it for him...